I am a Belfast-based multidisciplinary artist exploring space within cities through drawing, sculpture, and installation. I have exhibited in Belfast, Croatia (Zagreb) and Poland (Katowice).

My work explores the ever-expanding space we inhabit, and the temporal nature of perception. Both are limited and framed by the abstraction of experience. When observed as a visual landscape the shift in viewpoint can change how a city is perceived. From a distance cities are miniaturised, and often pastoralised. The miniature scale affords a detachability, enabling a manipulative narrative to be created; a technique often exploited by governing bodies to create a perfected illusion of society hiding the truth within (e.g., poverty, discrimination, abuse).

Perception and interaction within space is shaped by an individual’s identity, a significant component of which is gender (female, trans, non-binary, male etc). Feminist geography investigates how the gender oppositions in society affect the behaviours, activities and experiences of a place.

“Our cities are patriarchy written in stone, brick, glass and concrete.” - Jane Darke (1996)

Influenced by the theories of feminist geography, my practice explores spatial structures and attempts to reconfigure space. By breaking down the inside/outside boundaries within a city’s visual landscape it becomes obscene. To be obscene is to be beyond human control and categorisation. By deconstructing the city, I hope to defy the patriarchy’s classification of the ‘masculine city’.
Kate O’Neill